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Lesson Plans 

Body Percussion

     This lesson is an introduction to the Unit on Stomp Ensemble, an engaging way to introduce students to music and to generate adhesion and motivation through rhythm, movement and basic music notation in a general music class.


Grit & Resilience

     This lesson addresses the relevance of Grit and Resilience as determinants for success in life. The lives of prominent Musicians such as Ludwig Van Beethoven and Itzhak Perlman, have been chosen as examples of professionals who, even if they have not had it easy in life, they have been successful against all odds. 


     This lesson provides exposure to other cultures in the multicultural context we live in. It offers instruction that is responsive to cultural differences in the classroom and makes connections with both  students' backgrounds and the search for their own roots.

     This lesson will cover the required music and core standards associated with high school music curriculum.  It embraces multiple cultures and promote tolerance and cultural awareness. 

6 Notes on Violin & Cello

     This is the tenth lesson for the unit beginning steps for string instruments. In it, students review the names of the strings and notes, practice holding position and pizzicato technique, and finish the lesson being able to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

     This lesson also includes formal assessments that I have developed for each instrument, as a multiple-choice Exit Ticket specific for violin and cello. 

Woodwinds Foundations

     The central focus of this learning segment covers the beginning steps for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Trombone. The essential elements provided in this lesson are: class rules and procedures, holding and opening instrument cases safely, identifying the parts of the instruments, assembling and disassembling the instruments, proper sitting posture and breathing technique, adequate instrument holding position, embouchure, buzzing and blowing, first approach to tonguing technique, and fingering for the first three pitches in students' instrument.

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