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 Mr. Dugatkin

Latin Grammy winner Mariano Dugatkin enjoys international recognition as an award winning composer, producer, pianist, & bandoneonist. 

Mr. Dugatkin holds two Master degrees: in Music Composition from the National University of Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina (UNA), and a Masters in Music Education from ADAMS State University, Colorado.  

Mr. Dugatkin got his Teaching Credential in Music at California State University Northridge(CSUN). 

During the week Mariano Dugatkin is known as "Mr D" while he rejoices in teaching orchestra for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Students' Concerts


Danse Carnivale  

Concert Band: Level 3

Performed by 8th grade Concert Band

Conducted by Mr. Dugatkin

Walter Reed Middle School

North Hollywood, CA

December, 2017

In the Classroom


La Bamba - Beginning Ensemble

Fly me to the Moon - Beginning Clarinet

Click on the button below to explore some units and lesson plans designed for elementary, middle, and high school students devised to meet California State Standards. 

Teaching Philosophy

Music is known as an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence, which exist in time in such a way as to produce beauty.

However, with more than 25 years of experience as a professional musician and 14 as a music educator, I can assert that music is much more than a cultural and aesthetic experience. I consider music as, what I call, the Art of Agreement, and that is my motto as a music educator.  



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